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about the game

An energetic game mentally and physically!

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One child leaves the room, or turns their back from the others to become ‘the guesser’.

From the remainder of the children a ‘leader’ is chosen, from then on everyone must copy the movements, actions and even noises the leader makes.

It is the guesser’s job to figure out who the leader is!


Suggested movements for leader:

  • Hopping
  •  Star Jumps
  • Funky Chicken (flapping arms, jerking head forward and back and maybe even squawking, if you think you can get away with it!)
  • Placing one hand on the floor and running in circles
  • Kneeling on floor and doing ‘Usaine Bolt’ arms
  • Sitting cross-legged on floor and doing the ‘Mobot’
  • Lying on floor and acting like a ‘slithery fish’
  • Skipping around the room while performing heart shaped hands

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