about the game

There is so much fun you can have with a pack of playing cards, you can incorporate lots of exercises/moves using the cards so not only will the Children be getting fit and active they will be learning numbers and simple maths too.

Equipment needed: Playing cards, balls, cones, bean bags, print out of card suits

Playing card 4 move circuits: Arrange the group into teams of 3 or 4, each team find some space around the room. Deal 8 cards to each team, draw the card symbols on an A4 piece of paper (club,heart,diamond,spade) then write a move next to each symbol (you can do this before the session to save time and photocopy for each group) example below on separate sheet.

The whole group complete the exercise/move that is written next to the suit they must complete the number of the card e.g. Queen of Hearts = 11 Jumping jack

The team must turn each card and complete each exercise/move as a team. See which group finish first.

Play the game a few times changing the moves and dealing the cards again

Number blast:

o   Arrange the group into 4 equal teams

o   Each team stand in a corner of the room

o   Place the playing cards in the middle of the room

o   Each Child takes it in turn to run to the centre of the room to take a card

o   They run back to their team where they perform the exercise according to the suit and number on the card

o   Complete this until everyone has been twice

o   Then count up the total number of the cards


Kneel down stand up


Jumping Jacks


Kneel down stand up


Burpees (both hands on floor, jump out with 2 feet, jump back in, stand up)


Shuttle runs (run from one cone to the other)

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