about the game

Mirrors is a simple game that can be played in many different ways, letting all the group have a go will build confidence and allow them to show their creativity, Start the session with a group game before separating into smaller ones. To keep the session fun change the way you all play mirrors, here are some examples below.

Equipment needed: Bean bags, Hoops, Soft balls

·      Group Mirrors: Arrange the group to stand in front of, you are all going to play a big game of mirrors the group will simply copy what you do, each game will be timed for 1 minutes so they have time to warm up and move faster each time.

o   Warm up mirrors 1 minute: Moves can include; marching on the spot, saluting you, small squats, jog on spot, cat & cow stretches etc. all small low energy moves

o   Flash mirrors 1 minute: Repeat the game but tell the group they need to be super speedy like the superhero The Flash. Moves can include;  fast feet on the spot, tuck jumps, mountain climbers, high skips, sit down stand up as fast as you can etc. all fast moves high energy

o   Linked arms 1 minute: This last game will be the hardest as they now find a partner and link arms make these moves a little easier and slower. Moves can include; front kicks, forward lunges, jump on the spot, turn around touch the floor jump up, be sure to make up your own moves too

·      Partner Mirrors: Arrange the group into pairs and ask them to take it in turns to be the leader, after a turn each ask the pair to get a bean bag, hoop and  a ball and play the same game but with some equipment

·      Circle mirror: Arrange the group in one big circle; let each child run into the middle to perform a move for the whole group to copy. Encourage each move to be different.

·      Silly faces mirrors: In pairs get on hands and knees facing each other,  at the same time rock forwards and backwards taking bottom to heels when you are facing your partner one child pulls a funny face see if your partner can copy this and then take it in turns to pull funny faces

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