about the game

Lots of games can be played with coloured cones, here are a few to keep your sessions varied and ensure you’ll have fun packed Active 8 minutes

Equipment needed: Cones  


o   Place about 5/6 pairs of cones about 4 feet apart all around the room (tell the group each pair is a gate)

o   Begin by walking around the room when the coach says ‘gate’ see how many gates the group can walk through in 10 seconds they need to go through a different gate each time not the same one!

o   Change the way they move through the gates e.g. high knees, jump, skip, run, sprint

o   To progress introduce a ‘gate keeper’ this team member guards the gates so the others cannot go through the gate that is guarded

Keep changing the ‘gate keeper’ give all the players a go or introduce 2/3 to make the game harder

Cups and saucers:

o   Arrange the group into two teams and stand on opposite sides of the room

o   One team have cones that they place in the centre of the room facing up they are team saucers

o   The other team have them facing down they are team cups

o   Place equal numbers of cones (cups and saucers) in the centre of the room

o   Both teams face the wall and when you shout ‘GO’ both teams run to the centre of the room

o   The saucer team aim to place all the cones facing upwards

o   As the cup team aim to place all the cones facing downwards

o   After about 10/20 seconds tell the whole group to go back to their side of the room

o   Count up the cups and saucers to see which team have the most

o   Award the team with one point

o   And play again a few times

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