about the game


Equipment needed: Dice bean bags hoop soft ball

o   Place hoops all around the room and bean bags/balls in a pile at one end of the room

o   The whole group play this game together but allow each team member to roll the dice in turn

o   When a number is rolled the whole group do the activity related to the number

o   Have 1 activity for each number on the dice all with a spring or Easter  theme/feel free to make up your own using different kit and ask the group for ideas too


Roll 1 = Chicks hatching - Run to a hoop jump inside sit inside the hoop and jump up for the count of 5 (just like a chick hatching out of an egg)

Roll 2 = Eggs in a basket - Collect 3 bean bags stand a few feet away and aim to throw a bean bag inside the hoop (collecting eggs in a basket)

Roll 3 = Stepping stones - As a team collect just 3 hoops and get across the room by placing the hoops on the floor and standing inside the hoops, no one can touch the floor outside of the hoop

Roll 4 = Rolling an egg - All the team except 1 grab a hoop and hold it up to their side creating a long line 1 team member grabs a ball and aims it through the hoop

Roll 5 = Leaping lambs – Leap around the room when you shout ‘leaping lamps’ run to a hoop and get inside on all fours

Roll 6 = Bunnies Go Banana’s – As soon as a number is  rolled the team grab all the hoops and make a banana shape with them on the floor and take it in turns to jump down the line of hoops

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