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Equipment needed: balloons, 2 hoops, coloured bibs, small bats, string

Balloons offer endless amounts of fun, here are a few games to keep the whole group entertained and active aim to play the games once or twice

  • Balloon pass the present: Arrange the group into equal team 4 to 5 in each team, stand in a line in a relay format and pass the balloon (the present) first over the head then under the legs of each player until the balloon is at the back of the line, the back player then runs to the front, when each player has run to the front the whole team sit down as fast as they can. Play again but change to complete 3 times
  • Balloon basketball: Arrange the group into two teams; ask each team to name their balloon basketball team with a Christmas theme e.g. The Frosty panthers, the bauble bulls, one team wear coloured bibs
    • place 2 hoops at either side of the room
    • one team player will hold the hoop in the air whilst jogging on the spot
    • the teams stand together in the centre of the room
    • when you shout GO throw one balloon up into the air
    • the teams aim is to score a goal by patting the balloon to a team member
    • and scoring by placing the balloon in the opposite hoop
    • when a goal is scored everyone must start again in the centre of the room
  • Balloon waddle races: Arrange the players into groups of 4, stand them 2 on each side of the room facing each other, 1 player waddles with the balloon in between their legs, passes the balloon to a team player, and they repeat until the whole team have been, finish by sitting on the floor, waving their arms in the air.
    • Adapt this game by placing the balloon in different places e.g. in between their forearms, in between their chin and chest
  • Balloon tennis: In pairs play a game of balloon tennis, see which pair can volley the balloon 10 times at the fastest speed without the balloon touching the floor, when you shout ‘change’ each player needs to swop partners
  • Protect your balloon: Each player has a balloon with a piece of string tied to the balloon and the players ankle, the aim of the game is to protect your balloon form being popped by other players as you run around the room

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