about the game

Equipment needed: 3 soft balls


·       Time bomb: Arrange the group in a circle, the soft ball can be thrown around every   player in no particular order, count down from 10-1 on 1 whoever is holding the ball on 1 must run round the circle and back to their space before starting the game again

·      Ball tag: A fast pace tag game using a ball to tag someone in the game,

o   All the children run around the room

o   One child is on and has 1 soft ball they stand still on a spot in the middle of the room  and can only move to get the ball back they throw the ball aiming to hit another child below the knee

o   When someone gets tagged they are on too and can help to tag people using another ball

o   Keep going until 3 people are in the middle then start again with 1 child on

·      Header or Catch:

o   Arrange the group in a circle

o   One child stands in the middle and throws the ball to another child

o   The child throwing the ball will shout ‘head’ or ‘catch’ but the child they throw the ball to needs to do the opposite

o   i.e. If the child throwing shouts ‘Head’ the other child must catch the ball


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